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Jeffito's Journey 2005

This blog documents my journey when I worked & lived in Hong Kong (4/5/05-12/15/05). I can’t thank my company enough for this international assignment, as it has been an experience of a lifetime! A journey I wanted to share with family, friends, and my fellow cast members. Click on any picture to enlarge. Click on the archives to see past months. Enjoy.

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

4-24-05 Flower Market. part 7 Posted by Hello


Blogger Kevbro said...

Glad you are taking so many pictures... took me an hour to go through them all from the beginning, but i have a real good feel (as good as i could, i guess) as to what the suroundings look like. looks hilly like san fran, but much greener and lusher(?).
Keep it real and safe, man! and keep up the good work- we are all excited for you and this experience. I'm still in shock that my mom is actually over there, too, right now.
Kev, Pam, Cole, McKinney, 4 horses, 5 dogs and a cat in North Georgia, USA

11:55 PM  

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