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Jeffito's Journey 2005

This blog documents my journey when I worked & lived in Hong Kong (4/5/05-12/15/05). I can’t thank my company enough for this international assignment, as it has been an experience of a lifetime! A journey I wanted to share with family, friends, and my fellow cast members. Click on any picture to enlarge. Click on the archives to see past months. Enjoy.

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Monday, July 18, 2005

7.16.05. John, Craig, and I excited about our trip to Shenzhen. We had to take a cab to Tsuen Wan, xfer at Lai King, then xfer at Prince Edwards, and then xfer to KCR at Kowloon Tung - NO PROBLEM! PS - Then walk across the boarder and figure out how to work the other transportation system. (It really is not that hard -but it is worth pointing out how different it is from back home) Posted by Picasa


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